The Best Horror Comic Stories Ever!

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Panel 1 - The Crypt Keeper. Free Hand (and it shows). Background is 'Tales From The Crypt' issue 35 and 'The Haunt Of Fear' issue 5.
Panel 2 - Cain (badly done). Background is 'House of Mystery' issue 187.
Panel 3 - The Old Witch. Background is a very gruesome 'Vault Of Horror' issue 32 by Johnny Craig. Ouch!
Panel 4 - The lovely Cynthia from 'The Witching Hour' #1. Image referenced (i.e. copied) from 'The Witching Hour' #1 which is also the background.
Panel 5 - The ever delightful Uncle Creepy. Referenced from the Frazetta Uncle Creepy Portrait. Background is also Frazetta from the cover of Creepy 131. First used on Creepy issue 4 though.
Panel 6 - Cousin Eerie. Referenced from an Eerie ad. Background is Eerie #2.
Panel 7 - Everyone's favorite ghost host, Impy. Referenced from 'Haunted' #1. Background is Tom Sutton's cover for 'Haunted' issue 17.
*  Joe Orlando was not Wally Woods mail clerk, but he was his assistant when he started at E.C. Comics.